3 Broadband TVC

Swedish Co+Hogh Advertising Solutions, in collaboration with South African Big Sky Productions Servicing, have produced a banging hit commercial for the latest product launch for 3 Broadband Denmark. The commercial takes its filmic elements from a well loved 80’s flick “Top Gun”. With the help of the soundtrack and the filmic style of an extremely long lens we managed to produce a comical piece for 3 Broadband, bringing the Co+Hogh concept of “Taking Your Broadband with You (and your Family) Anywhere” to life.

This commercial was shot on full HD format using the “Red One” HD Digital Camera from Red One Africa, with Panavision film lenses.The Red One creates for us a simple shoot- and post-production workflow, and in addition to the seamless graphic compositing done abroad, the authentic costuming, the awesome Capetonian locations and superb strength of our reliable crew, surely added to the success of this film.

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