Bigsky Productions Spain Mallorca: Location of the Week.

Sea Cube_7

Bigsky Productions is based on the Balearic Island of Mallorca.

Palma Mallorca is one of the premium shoot locations in Europe and is host to hundreds of film and stills shoots throughout the summer.

This week's Location Of The Week Bigsky Production's presenting the magnificent SeaCube House in Mallorca.This house has is sleek and modern, it sits on the top of a ridge overlooking the sea - resulting in breath taking sea views.

The Balearic island of Mallorca is very popular for shoots for 3 good reasons.

  1. Great weather! blessed with long, sunny and cloudless days -  Around 300 days of summer each year
  2. Just 2 hours flight from London, Paris or Berlin - making getting to the island easy and inexpensive.
  3. And finally, the Locations - from pristine beaches, to rustic villages, from opulent traditional Villas to sleek and modern Houses Mallorca has it all.

Look through our MALLORCA LOCATION GALLERY for more examples of our beautiful Mallorca Locations.



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