BigSky Productions in Namibia


BigSky Productions recently headed up to Namibia for a shoot. The distance from Cape Town to Windhoek is around 2000km, however the beauty of the vistas and the panoramic scenery, makes time pass like a nostalgic dream. The roads are in excellent condition, making the ease of travel a bonus for photographic or film production in Namibia. Namibia is graced with vast blue skies and extreme straight roads that seem to reach out to touch the horizon. A wide array of natural beauty and dramatic scenery is a daily feature when travelling or shooting in Namibia.

The Fish River Canyon is officially the second largest canyon in the world, with the Grand Canyon in the USA being the only one that is bigger. The wild desert horses, the 300meter high dunes and 3000year old petrified trees at Soussesvlei. The abandoned ghost town Kolmanskop, and the famous Spitzkoppe - a small series of pointed mountains, used as a background for a 20 000 BC film, which was shot in Namibia. The very special Bavarian coastal town of Swakopmund is an island of Germanic culture surrounded by 1000km of desert in one direction and the vast Atlantic Ocean in the other. The Wild animals at Etosha attract thousands of tourists each year and the Bushman of Tsumkwe are a reminder of our combined cultural human heritage. In Namibia the natural diversity never stops, and neither does the possibility to find beautiful untouched locations. BigSky Productions works by the highest international standards and professionalism, and prides itself on offering full dedication and professionalism wherever BigSky Productions may be. Be it in the Namibian bush, desert or mountains, you will always receive top production value with the best transport, crew and equipment.

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