The Daily Mirror Newspaper shot their editorial content with Bigsky Productions in Cape Town, have a look at some of their stories. Above Kimberlea from Zero Models poses for the Lace story. The Fashion Writers stayed in the Mount Nelson Hotel which was a pleasure to work from and the Hotel was very accommodationg when it came to shooting on the Hotel grounds.

The Lingerie story was photographed in the Charlize Theron Suite at the Mount Nelson. Gorgeous Grace from Y models was in front of the Camera. Robyn Nissen was on Hair and Make Up. Photographer Verster - Cohen.

The Sequin story was shot in the Bigsky Studio. Free Studio space is part of our service to clients that decide to use us as a production house. Local photographer Verster-Cohen photographed Wiola and Jacqui Lupton was on Hair and Make Up for this particular story.

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