English Gardens in Cape Town


BigSky Productions is situated in the perfect climate for any shoot. Cape Town has a mild temperate Mediterranean climate, with hot dry summers and cooler winters.

Cape Town is an excellent place to shoot an English summer garden shoot in the cold European winter, just 15 minutes out of the city center. Cape Town’s rich heritage and the long standing English culture has lead to some splendid English country gardens. Gardens are green all year round - all with well manicured lawns, well pruned archways and clean cut hedge rows. The wide variety of seasonal flowers, which have been collected over generations from every part of the world, means that Cape Town is always in bloom. There is a strong element of a “secret garden” in many of the locations and homesteads. The beautiful gardens are complimented by the crisp and clean light in Cape Town; this brings out the colours and the subtle shadows to create an image that has the feel of an English summer’s day. Production in Cape Town has never been easier and more beautiful.

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