Onsight Gallery: Location of the week


The Onsight Gallery was the location of a very beautiful Lingerie Shoot. Shot in Cape Town in the up and coming district of Woodstock. The Onsight gallery offers some great little corners to shoot in, with high ceilings and beautiful soft ambient light. The gallery rooms are highlighted by exquisite furniture pieces. The entire shop is filled with old disheveled and highly decorated mirrors, antique crystal chandeliers and an exciting mix of comfortable period furniture and a host of other exciting props. The main gallery hosts magnificent art deco and victorian stained glass windows and some beautiful distinguished old doors. The eclectic mix of the tasteful and classic, reminiscent of a bygone age, makes this a photographer’s dream location. The sophistication and age of some of the furniture elements bring a unique feel to any production or photographic shoot

The proprietor of the shop is accommodating and helpful and most importantly production friendly. The Onsight Gallery is a pleasure to shoot in and a real gem of a location, blessed with abundant delights for the visual pallet. This is truly a great example of BigSky Production’s location of the week.

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